Before developing your next project, understand the challenges and opportunities ahead of you.
Industry Studies of Policy Markets

Industry Studies: Policy & Markets

Solas Energy conducts in-depth policy reviews, market studies, and feasibility studies to help you make informed decisions for your future projects and expansion.

Regulatory studies examine recent regional and federal policies to determine their impact on various renewable energy markets, providing valuable information to our clients before they invest.

Our policy studies address:

  • Clean tech incentives and initiatives
  • Carbon pricing impacts
  • Environmental requirements
  • Value chain impacts and economic development opportunities

By conducting thorough market studies, we ensure that our clients understand the opportunities and challenges across different markets before they develop their next project.

Before committing to developing a new project, consider investing in a feasibility study. A feasibility study will assess the specific project risks, road blocks, and opportunities so you can make informed investment decisions.

Policy Markets (image of chart)

Our market studies address:

  • Carbon regulations
  • Power markets
  • Market feasibility
  • Economic modelling
  • Energy storage modelling including hybrid
    application modelling

Solas Energy provides a variety of analytical services built around its unique expertise related to renewable energy, GHG reductions, and Alberta’s electricity market.

Drawing on its deep understanding of complex issues in these areas, Solas Energy delivers data analysis on these topics in a very professional manner, along with incisive analytical insight and a rich grasp of the broader electricity sector to contextualize its analysis. Solas Energy has filled a crucial gap in analyzing the market situation for renewable energy in Alberta.

No other organization is equipped to provide the analytical services that Solas Energy is able to provide. In this way, Solas Energy has been a key part of helping us to advance the dialogue on the potential for renewable energy’s contribution to Alberta’s electricity supply.

Ben Thibault, B.Sc., J.D., Program Director, Electricity
Pembina Institute

Solas Energy provided us with a succinct, yet very comprehensive report setting out the structure of the likely future of Carbon in Alberta, as well as an overview of the recently published Clean Fuel Regulation. The quality of work was excellent, delivered exactly what we were looking for within a very tight timeframe over a challenging period. This supported us in making valuable and informed decisions about future capital investments.

Marc Serrurier, Manager, Corporate Development

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Solas Energy provides comprehensive strategy and consulting services to support the energy transition. With multiple decades of experience in project development, construction management, and climate change advisory, Solas Energy provides its clients with the depth and perspective required to navigate the complex issues associated with renewable energy project development and climate change policy. 

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