Zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) are a critical part of a long-term strategy for reducing carbon emissions and the transition to a clean energy and transportation system.
Electric Vehicle Technology

Technologies: Zero-Emission Vehicles

Zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) offer an opportunity to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, from industry transportation to individual vehicles. With a well-established grid in most countries combined with ever-improving battery technologies, our future in energy-sustainable transportation is looking bright.

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ZEVs reduce emissions, thereby reducing fossil fuel consumption, ecological impact, and pollution. This leads to improved health outcomes, especially in densely populated metropolitan areas.

Our zero-emission vehicle infrastructure services include:

  • Policy and regulatory evaluation
  • Modelling of national vehicle fleets to evaluate potential ZEV integration rates
  • Evaluating regulatory trends and impact of policies
  • Completing verification of emission reductions generated through ZEV and hydrogen fuel cell vehicle charging
  • Providing development services for charging site preparation and permitting
  • Fleet charge and discharge modelling
  • Market analysis
  • Value chain assessment

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Solas Energy offers a deep understanding of current and future ZEV and hydrogen markets. This includes market penetration of ZEVs, customer motivations, market segmentation, value chain providers, and grid impacts of this rapidly accelerating industry.

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Fleet Decarbonization FAQ

The transportation sector accounts for more than 20% of GHG emission in Canada and the US. Governments and companies are advancing net zero policies to meet decarbonization goals and electrifying transportation is a key component to achieving these goals. Canada has set a mandatory target to have 100 percent zero-emission vehicle sales by 2035. In the US, states have begun setting goals to eliminate combustion engine vehicles to reach the country’s goal of becoming a net zero emissions economy by 2050. California, for example, will phase out the sale of new combustion engine vehicles by 2035.

Fleet decarbonization and zero emission fleet infrastructure deployment can also be used to meet Environment, Social, and Government (ESG) targets, net zero goals, or carbon compliance requirements. Learn more about our ESG and sustainability advisory services here.

Solas Energy is at the forefront of fleet decarbonization. Our electric vehicle adoption model is used to forecast EV sales, charging infrastructure growth, home charger sales, electricity demand and grid impacts, GHG impacts, and battery and associated minerals and metals demand. The model is based on government policy, technology advancements, vehicle availability, and EV adoption observations, and is available by country or by province/state for multiple vehicle types. This model is used to support clients in developing their fleet decarbonization strategy.

Our EV Intelligence (EVi) database compliments our fleet decarbonization advisory services. EVi is updated on a quarterly basis to assist organizations with specifying their EV fleets, by providing up-to-date information on vehicle price, range, efficiency, sales, and market availability. This database provides valuable insights to support a fleet decarbonization implementation roadmap. Learn more about EVi here.

Solas Energy provides our clients with a broad range of fleet decarbonization advisory services. We bring our in-depth knowledge of the EV market and strong modeling capabilities to support the development of a fleet decarbonization strategy designed to meet our clients’ unique needs. As a company committed to EV adoption to support our own net zero strategy, we apply our practical experience and insights in developing roadmaps for implementation.

Our deep understanding of the electricity sector and grid modernization supports our ability to predict EV and distributed resource adoption and grid impacts for utilities. We also support stakeholder communications and engagement, drawing on our many years of work with renewable energy infrastructure development and implementation. Learn more about how we support grid modernization here.

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Solas Energy provides comprehensive strategy and consulting services to support the energy transition. With multiple decades of experience in project development, construction management, and climate change advisory, Solas Energy provides its clients with the depth and perspective required to navigate the complex issues associated with renewable energy project development and climate change policy. 

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