To date, we have worked on over 300 projects across North America, with a combined capacity exceeding 56 GW.
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Technologies: Wind Energy Consultants

Solas Energy has worked on utility-scale wind energy projects since our very beginning.

We have seen substantial developments in wind technology, as well as significant cost reductions through the years. Our services have evolved alongside those innovations to offer the most cutting-edge knowledge and development options for our utility-scale wind clients.

Recently, hybrid applications of wind power combined with solar and energy storage are being developed to take advantage of common infrastructure. Solas Energy has expert experience with these projects.

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Solas Energy Consulting wind energy projects 56 GW 341 Projects 28 US States 10 Canadian Provinces

We have utilized Solas Energy to provide services in association with many of our wind, solar and battery energy storage projects through the years. Their work has been performed in a timely and professional manner – we would not hesitate to use them again in the future.

Chief Development Officer
Terra-Gen, LLC

Solas Energy has done a great job for us. They have an intimate knowledge of the wind business in Alberta and provide thorough and professional results time and time again.

Darrel Thorson, VP of Business Development North America
BP Wind Energy North America

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Wind Energy Consultant and Technology FAQ

In general, wind energy consultants or any other consultant for renewable power like wind is an individual or team that helps clients learn more about implementing renewable energy systems for their space.

They assist clients in investigating, understanding, and then overseeing the installation of renewable energy systems.

For wind energy consultants the consultation or information will pertain to wind energy systems specifically, and their implementation for the client’s situation. Wind energy is most often thought of when you think of wind turbines, which can collect this renewable energy source. 

The main goal of a wind energy consultant, or any other type of energy consultant, is to increase efficiency and also reduce cost, while concurrently reducing the environmental impact of the client’s energy usage whenever possible.

Energy consultants are often hired by employers such as large-scale businesses with brick and mortar footprints, government agencies, consultancy firms, or large manufacturing plants.

Clients or businesses with large facilities are typically more concerned with their energy use, energy efficiencies and optimizing costs since they tend to use more energy. Wind and renewable energy consultants can gather and analyze a company’s energy usage data, develop energy management plans, and also make sure that the client is complying with environmental legislation.

Essentially, renewable energy consultants are people who help clients– typically commercial or industrial clients– to research and understand renewable energy systems. Renewable energy consultants are often hired by the government or other large-scale businesses and companies to help them take a look at current energy use and make an educated and intelligent plan for how the client can incorporate a renewable energy system into their day-to-day operations.

This could mean implementing wind energy, or another renewable energy source such as solar. A renewable energy consultant will be able to take a look at the energy usage and other unique details of the client in order to choose what type of energy system will best suit them. 

A renewable energy consultant will often perform tasks such as conducting technical reviews, implementing necessary procedures to support energy-efficient solutions, and developing energy management plans. These people are considered to be part of the renewable energy industry, they manage renewable energy projects and implement renewable energy systems as a part of the energy sector.

They will typically gather and analyze the client’s energy usage data, too, to better inform them so they can inform the client better. Energy management consultants also help to make sure that the client is complying with local environmental legislation– to do otherwise might result in fines or other such issues.

By definition, wind energy is the process that uses wind to generate electricity or mechanical power. Wind energy is typically collected by wind turbines, which then convert the kinetic energy that is in the wind into mechanical power.

Wind energy is so great because it is a renewable energy source and creates less pollution and has less of an impact on our planet and our environment. This is because it is able to create energy without burning energy, which can lead to air pollution.

Wind energy is also abundant and inexhaustible. It is one of the largest sources of renewable power in North America. 

When wind energy is produced and collected by a wind turbine, the wind first blows the blades of the wind turbine. These blades are attached to a rotor.

The rotor begins to spin a generator to collect the kinetic energy that can be converted to electricity. The generator can then convert the wind energy to electricity, which can be used in homes, businesses, and more! Other structures that can collect wind energy, besides turbines, include windmills, sails, or windpumps. However, wind turbines are now what is most commonly used.

A wind farm is also part of the wind and renewable energy industry. A wind farm, like in Southern Alberta, is a large-scale land development where wind turbines collect energy due to naturally occurring high-volume wind and weather systems. A wind farm is a great way for the energy community to create more energy in an efficient manner.

Offshore wind energy is clean and renewable energy generated by the high-velocity forceful winds that are produced on the seas and oceans. The offshore wind market is comprised of companies that utilize and build offshore wind energy collection facilities and energy companies that sell the energy created to consumers.

This process makes for a renewable generation of energy possible through nature. Offshore wind production is considered to be more efficient than onshore wind farms due to the higher speed found in offshore wind.

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Solas Energy provides comprehensive strategy and consulting services to support the energy transition. With over 20 years of experience in project development, construction management, and climate change advisory, Solas Energy provides its clients with the depth and perspective required to navigate the complex issues associated with renewable energy project development and climate change policy. 

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