Solas Energy Consulting provides EV Intelligence for Fleet Decarbonization

EV Intelligence (EVi)

EV Intelligence (EVi) is a comprehensive database of nearly 500 zero-emissions vehicles (ZEVs) and equipment, and their specifications for the Canadian market. EVi is designed to provide the information needed to efficiently and accurately aid in the complex decision-making process. 

EVi puts valuable ZEV information at your fingertips, saving time and money during the specification process, giving you confidence in fleet decision-making.

Market Research and Intelligence

Solas Energy has conducted extensive market research and applied years of experience to compile valuable ZEV market insights. These insights are provided exclusively to Solas Energy clients.

All the Information You Need to Decarbonize Your Fleet

EVi features nearly 500 vehicles ranging from passenger vehicles and vans to light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty trucks, including semi-trucks, and construction equipment. EVi covers the full range of electric vehicles available in the Canadian market, including battery electric (BEV), fuel cell electric (FCEV), and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) vehicles. 

EVi enables you to easily and efficiently evaluate your organization’s individual needs to simplify the specification and decision-making process.

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The North American uptake in zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) is occurring rapidly, driven by government decarbonization policies and incentives, falling battery prices, and a growing number of ZEV models offered by automakers. Solas Energy has a deep understanding of the zero-emissions vehicle (ZEV) industry. We provide our clients with strategic advice, due diligence and development, and fleet decarbonization strategy, offering valuable insights into market dimensions and strategic entry plans.

About Solas Energy

Solas Energy provides comprehensive strategy and consulting services to support the energy transition. With over 115 GW of experience in project development, construction management, and climate change advisory, Solas Energy provides its clients with the depth and perspective required to navigate the complex issues associated with renewable energy project development and climate change policy. 

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